Character Animation

The Thrill of Character Animation

Novelists and scriptwriters are not the only ones who give birth to characters that seem straight out of real life. Animators of video games too do the same albeit in a more challenging manner. Video games animation at Game Art Studio is one medium which gives animators not only an opportunity to design and create the characters but also enable them to move and run about. This makes the job of character animation interesting and challenging at the same time.

Key Factors in Character Animation

Character animation artists have to take a lot of factors into account while giving shape to a particular video game character. Firstly, these characters have to be relevant to the plot of the game and merge with the surroundings seamlessly. They should never look out of place. That is why 3d character animation cannot be done in isolation. Our 3d character animation artists work together with background artists to make sure both groups are on the same page.

Secondly, detailing is very important in video games animation. While giving shape to a character, every finer detail has to be taken care of. For instance, if the character gets very angry, his facial expression should convey that emotion successfully. Again, a 3d character animation artist can add little details to a character to make it more interesting and appealing like his habit of twitching his eyebrows whenever he gets angry or frustrated. Our character animation artists are very imaginative and always come up with intriguing yet relatable characters.

The Role of Characters in Video Games Animation 

Game Art Studio gives utmost importance to characters since they are the most important aspect of video games animation. In order to enjoy the game, users have to connect to it first. This can happen only through interesting and entertaining characters. Our video games characters are such that you can instantly connect and be one with them.