Character Design

The Interesting World of Character Design 

We, at Game Art Studio, give shape to some of the best video game characters who appeal to you instantly and take no time in becoming your own. We strongly believe that the success of a game depends on how quickly it is able to make a connection with the gamer. And that connection can happen only through its characters. Therefore, we give a lot of significance to character design and character concept art so that our games instantly connect with you.

Factors Influencing Character Design

Each and every minute detail of a character is deliberated upon during the character design process. A character concept art involves everything from a character’s physical appearance and overall personality to his choice of weapons and reactions in different situations. Again, character design involves comparing one character with another or pitting one against the other. This is especially done in the case of war or mafia games where the trick lies in dodging or killing the enemies and emerging victorious. The hero should look like he has the ability to defeat the evil forces. A concept sketch or character concept art, in this case, outlines all the physical attributes he must possess.

The Feasibility of Concept Sketch

A concept sketch makes our job easier to a considerable extent. It gives us an idea of how a character would look like. This makes it possible for us to identify the aspects which need to be worked upon to get better results. We have given birth to a number of memorable characters with the help of a concept sketch and rely strongly on it.

Character concept art also quickens the process of character creation since it leaves no room for confusion at a later stage. It is hardly surprising that our characters are forever etched in the memory of our users.