Vector Art

The Usefulness of Vector Art in 3D Animation 

Game Art Studio specializes in vector art and uses it extensively to improve the visual quality of our games. It is the most preferred choice of video game artists and animators because a vector image is not made up of small squares. This means the quality of a picture or an image remains unaffected even if the size is increased.

Most animation companies have made the transition from traditional bitmap images to vector art or graphics and we are no different. We are aware of the challenges that bitmap images throw up time and again and therefore, prefer using vector art for the convenience of our users.

Decoding Vector Art 

The best thing about vector art is that it does not make use of pixels for storing information. It is this quality that makes vector art or graphics scalable. In place of pixels, mathematical information is used for storing the image or appearance of a picture. As a result, you have the liberty to enlarge an image without making any compromise on its quality. Our animators make liberal use of vector art to give you superior-quality images in our games. No matter how much you zoom in, there is total clarity. Our animators use vector art for a number of purposes like rotation, mirroring, movement, affine transformations, skewing, stretching and so on.

Adopting Vector Art

Game Art Studio makes use of some of the best software in the market for vector art. Some of the most notable ones are Adobe Illustrator, Coral Draw and Macromedia Freehand among others. We use the one which is most appropriate for the occasion so that you can enjoy crystal-clear visuals.

We are constantly in the lookout for ways to improving your gaming experience. Adopting vector art is one of them. We never shy away from applying the latest technologies to make our games more appealing and engaging.