Hire 2D Illustrator

A 2D Illustrator for 2D Animation Game Enthusiasts 

Since video games are essentially about images, the role of an illustrator is imperative in its creation. We, at Game Art Studio, understand this and therefore, hire 2d illustrator who are experts in their field. Many people wrongly assume that 2d games do not sell anymore and therefore game manufacturing companies no longer create them. We cannot speak for others but we do provide 2d games and they are quite popular and in demand. It is simply a myth that 3d only rules. 2d games have its own share of followers and if you are one of them, you can count on us to give you some of the most exciting and adrenaline-pumping 2d animation video games.

A 2D Illustrator Has Reasons to Smile About 

A 2d illustrator is as much in demand as his 3d counterpart. That is why we continue to hire 2d illustrator. A huge section of people still prefer the good old method of playing and do not enjoy the 3d experience. Our 2d illustrator makes sure they remain attached to it and do not feel the need to make a shift. Our 2d illustrator creates stunning visuals and renders style to the look of the game. 2d animation scores on a number of factors, one of them being low bandwidth. You can easily play a 2d animation game on a low bandwidth without disruptions or interruptions. However, the same cannot be said about 3d animation games.

The Process of Hiring a 2D Illustrator 

Before we hire 2d illustrator, we take into account a lot of factors. This is because we want to give 2d game lovers the same superior experience enjoyed by 3d gamers. This can only be possible if we hire 2d illustrator who is impeccable in his job and knows how to attract users without the support of 3d.