Hire Concept Artist

Concept Artist Sets the Boll Rolling 

A concept artist is one of the foremost individuals to work on the development of a 3d video game. We, at Game Art Studio, refer to them as the idea makers because their primary responsibility involves ideating the background, characters and the whole setting of the game. It can be said that they serve as the root in the process of 3d games creation. Creativity reigns supreme when we hire concept artist.

Skills Required to be a Concept Artist

We do not hire concept artist based just on his creative skills. There are other parameters too of judging whether a particular concept artist is capable or competent enough. Firstly, we take note of his illustration skills. Since illustrations play an important role in their work, we make sure he has impeccable illustration skills. Secondly, his communication skills and ability to work in a team are evaluated. This is important because he has to convey his ideas properly. Thirdly, we gauge his ability to interpret abstract ideas and concepts of people visually.

We also give importance to flexibility and adaptability. Again, a comprehensive understanding of the latest software packages for illustration purposes is a must. For instance, a concept artist has to be absolutely comfortable with Painter or Photoshop.

Thus, you can see we do not hire concept artist in a jiffy. On the contrary, we deliberate a lot since they are in a way responsible for determining the final look of the video including the characters and background.

Concept Artist Bring in Innovative Concepts 

We are proud of our concept artists since they come up with some amazing innovative concepts. Creativity is one area where they excel. They set the boll rolling for others to follow. We are happy to hire concept artist who share our goals and ideals and contribute towards a better gaming experience for users.