Hire 3D Artist

The All-Important 3D Artist 

We are nothing without our 3d artists. It is they who make our games what they are. They weave their magic around concepts and characters to give shape to a 3d video game that is visually striking on one hand and unbelievably real on the other. For this reason, we choose our 3d artists with care. When we hire 3d artist, we make sure he is competent enough for the job and can contribute to our ultimate goal of providing unadulterated entertainment to our users.

3D Artist – Combination of Creative and Technical Skills 

A 3D artist has to be a perfect combination of creativity and technical proficiency. One without the other is of no use at all. We are not interested to hire 3d artist who has the requisite technical knowledge but lacks imagination. Again, we do not want to hire 3d artist who is extremely creative but is clueless about technology. We prefer a 3d artist who is an expert on both counts and can handle this humungous task effortlessly.

A 3d artist has infinite responsibilities which include modeling, lighting, texturing, animating and compositing. While modeling involves the creation of a 3d mesh, texturing is all about making models appear pretty by flattening out the mesh and then wrapping the final texture over it. Our 3d artists are skilled in every department and work extremely hard to make sure the end product is one-of-its-kind.

A Team of Highly Efficient 3D Artists 

We, at Game Art Studio, house some of the best 3d artists in the market. We can make such a statement because their skills are varied and they can dabble in any genre. A 3d artist working on action-packed game can simultaneously juggle a game targeted at children and primarily involving cartoons. It is quite evident then that our games enjoy widespread popularity and are appreciated for their visual brilliance and life-like quality.