3D Characters

Mingle with 3D Characters While Gaming

If objects can don a 3d avatar, can characters be far behind? One of the most attractive features of our wide range of games is the various 3d characters they comprise of. They are life-like enough to give you the illusion of reality and make the whole experience of gaming totally worth it. Our 3d models for games are highly interesting on one hand and realistic on the other.

Understanding the Art of 3D Character Modeling 

3D character modeling is no mean job. A lot of effort goes into it in order to make the characters highly interesting and appealing to you. 3d characters have to be designed in such a manner that you are tempted to forget the distinction between the real and virtual world and start imagining them as blood-and-flesh individuals. Also, special attention has to be paid to the finer details or nuances of the 3d characters since you are going to encounter them at very close quarters. At no point in time should you feel that they are mere virtual entities. At Game Art Studio, we take care of all these aspects for our 3d models for games.

3d characters have to be relevant as well. For instance, if you are playing a high-adrenaline game full of action and fights, you would expect your characters to be sturdy and powerful in keeping with the mood of the game. Our 3d models for games are developed and created keeping such considerations in mind.

How Does 3D Character Modeling Take Shape?  

3d models for games come into shape after a lot of trial-and-error methods so that you get the best experience. Usually, the process of 3D character modeling begins with the torso and hip area and later other body parts namely the head, arms and legs are added. We make use of the best software available to give shape to a vast range of 3d characters that you can instantly connect with.

3D Characters Design

The 3D characters are as important to a video game as actors to a film. Game Art Studio specializes in providing a personal touch to the concept art 3D characters design by working closely with the client to develop fun to see characters that have an individual appeal.

We make gamer interaction easy by providing the right persona to the 3D characters concept art.